Read my story - Dean Ford

Dean Ford - Head of Group Facilites Management and Estates

Meet Dean Ford, Head of Group Facilites Management and Estates.

Dean looks after our wide and varied property estate, and ensures that our people have the right facilities to do thier jobs.

Read more about his time at Communisis.

Tell us about your career and time with Communisis

I started with Communisis early September 2017 as Head of Group Facilties Management and Estates. I was really impressed with the way that Communisis handled the whole joining process, from the interview stage through to my very thorough induction and beyond. It has been professional and engaging, with very passionate people involved. I have found everyone in Communisis to be so friendly and helpful. There's definitely something about Communisis that is hard to describe - as an employee, you feel the culture around you and feel like you're part of something.


What first attracted you to join Communisis?

I have been aware of Communisis for a long time as previous employers have used Communisis as a supplier. As I was interviewing to join Communisis, my interest continued to develop as every person I met told me more and more about the business. The people and culture were a key element in my wish list for a new employer. I was happy in my previous role, however the lure of Communisis and the role was too much of an opportunity to turn down.


What would you say your proudest moment at Communisis has been so far?

I am proud to be making improvements that are useful to the Company such as directing the creation of a Group Property Compliance Report..


In your eyes, what makes Communisis a great place to work?

Without doubt the people and culture, also the opportunity to shape your own career. The investment in PDP and objectives help create aspirational goals and interests.


What does the future hold for you?

I hope a long successful career with Communisis, to continue to add value, be seen as someone/a function that really benefits the company and its goals. Equally I am interested in supporting/moving into other departments/roles within the company, I am extremely career driven and I am keen to lead and develop the company to be more successful where I can.

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