Read my story - Dave Woodfield

Dave Woodfield - Business Continuity Manager

Meet Dave Woodfield, Business Continuity Manager who works within our Professional Services group for Communisis.

Hear a little more about his time and experiences with us.

Tell us about your career and time with Communisis

I started with Communisis as a contractor after moving across from Lloyds Banking Group when we were awarded the Lloyds contract. I am now a Business Continuity Manager in the London office.

What first attracted you to join Communisis?

I found Communisis a vibrant, dynamic company to work for, always looking to deliver value and excellent service for our clients.

I love the variety that my job brings me, contact with a great number of superb people across our business and interaction with suppliers and customers as well. Never a dull moment to say the least.

What would you say your proudest moment at Communisis has been so far?

Numerous – every time we exceed client expectations in terms of delivering against their needs – faster than they could have ever achieved in their own business. Also, achieving the ISO22301 accreditation across our production sites – a great deal of hard work and support from the business helped deliver a key objective for our clients.

In your eyes, what makes Communisis a great place to work?

In general and clichéd though it may be – great people striving to deliver a world class service from our clients – never a day goes by without hearing of another example of someone going the extra mile.

For my specific area of Group Business Continuity, the drive to being market leading in the systems that we use, utilising the capabilities of our business, and the service we provide to our clients – at the right value for both them and us.

What does the future hold for you?

Busy times ahead – BCI certification to achieve for me in early 2018 plus lots of planning for the next year or so for the 60+ Business Continuity exercises that we do for our clients. Setting a strategy that means we stay ahead of any competition and become market leading in our Business Continuity proposition. As well as having the confidence to charge the right price for the right service – let’s not undersell what we are good at and take pride in what we are able to achieve for our clients when floods/fires/pestilence are put before us.

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